Jhonni Blaze: Drake Forgave Me for Saying We Hooked Up with No Protection

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It’s been a little while since VladTV last caught up with Jhonni Blaze, and the singer shared everything she’s been working on since we last spoke, including her new manager. The former Love & Hip Hop star revealed that she parted ways with Rich Dollaz, as she claims he wasn’t paying her for being on TV. Jhonni also revealed that despite telling VladTV that Rich paid for her plastic surgery, she clarified that he didn’t pay for her procedures.

After detailing how she learned that love and business didn’t mix with Rich, Jhonni told us that she’s now being managed by Waka Flocka’s mom Deb Antney. She then added that Deb helped her mend and facilitate a lot of relationships with artists after she started getting attention for telling VladTV about hooking up with Drake. When asked about her current relationship with Drake, Jhonni explained that they aren’t in close contact, but she said that he forgave her for publicly speaking about their night together.

To hear more from Jhonni, including how she’s been working on improving her attitude, hit the above clip.

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